group membership


Who it’s for:

Our Group membership is perfect for individuals who are self-motivated and enjoy working out in a fun, large group setting! This membership tends to be best for those who don’t have any current injuries or special circumstances, and can do well with a more generalized workout routine.

Why it’s unique:


Our classes are put together by our program design team in a structured and thought-out manner. They are not random workouts each day, but rather systemized programs to help our group members see progress from week to week and month to month!


In our group classes, you will never feel like just a number in a crowded room! Our coaches will know you by name, they will provide helpful feedback and instruction, and they will encourage and support you throughout your time with us!


People will cheer for you, you’ll cheer for people - it’s an all-around supportive and positive culture in our group classes!

The group membership experience:


When you first sign up as a group member, we will provide you with a foundational program and two semi-private training sessions with a coach to help you get acclimated to our system! This will give you the opportunity to learn how to perform the foundational movement patterns that will be used and built upon in our group classes!


We think it's super helpful to map out which classes you plan to attend each week. A coach will help you map our your week for optimal results based on your goals and how often you would like to come in!


Classes are built in to your membership so you never have to worry about signing up in advance or not getting a spot in the class! Before each class, you are encouraged to come in 5-10 minutes early to foam roll on your own. Then at the start of class, your instructor will begin with a group warm up and then take you through the class program.

class descriptions:


Our MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) class is for Achievers who are looking for a high intensity workout that challenges their energy system and burns calories at a high rate! MetCon classes are conducted in a circuit-style with varying work to rest ratios. The classes include battling ropes, airdyne bikes, erg machines, TRX, kettlebells, and more, and they can be easily scaled to accommodate all fitness levels!


Strength & Conditioning classes are for Achievers who are looking to build strength and muscle in a safe and effective manner. Our strength classes are put together systematically to ensure you're getting a well-rounded, total body workout in every time. We utilize tools such as kettlebells, TRX, pullup bars, sandbags, and val slides in order to put together solid strength-building routines. They are easily scalable for all fitness levels so you don't have to worry about whether you're a total beginner or a more advanced athlete!


Our flagship class! Our Kettlebells class is for Achievers who have taken Intro to Kettlebells and are ready to utilize one of our favorite strength and conditioning tools: the kettlebell! This is our most technical class and it involves a combination of technique practice, strength training, and conditioning! It includes exercises such as KB swings, Turkish get ups, KB squats, KB Cleans, KB Presses, etc. This unique piece of equipment allows us to combine both strength and cardio into one class!

Our instructors are all StrongFirst certified and several of them are also StrongFirst team leaders, meaning not only are they certified to coach classes, but they also travel the world instructing other coaches on how to properly use and teach kettlebells as well!


Our Mobility Training class is for Achievers who are looking to spend a little extra time on mobility, stretching, and injury prevention. We utilize foam rollers and lacrosse balls for soft tissue work, and we incorporate stretches and mobilizations for all the various muscles and joints in the body. You'll leave the class feeling refreshed!