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What is an "Achiever"

Achievers are friendly, supportive individuals who welcome fellow gym goers with open arms. They come in with a variety of different fitness levels, and come from many different backgrounds, but they're all on a mission of self-improvement together!

Redefining Fitness

In this video, Achieve Fitness owners Jason and Lauren Pak discuss their issues with traditional fitness marketing. We're tired of fitness companies and individuals preying on the insecurities of their followers, and we think it needs to stop! Watch the video to hear how we plan on changing the way fitness is portrayed! To see more videos like this, visit our youtube channel!

Take A Sneak Peek Into A Day In The Life at Achieve

  • Coaching Sessions

    One of the greatest benefits of being a member at Achieve Fitness is the coaching that you will receive from top notch trainers in the industry! Our coaches will teach you how to perform exercises properly, they will guide you through your workouts, and they will help you with accountability and motivation. Our customized membership offers coaching sessions every week in a semi-private setting.

  • Group Classes

    Our group classes are a great way to get in a fun, high intensity workout surrounded by other upbeat and positive people! You will sweat and work hard alongside fellow Achievers, and receive lots of high fives along the way! We have four different types of group classes: MetCon, Strength, Kettlebells, and Recovery. They each offer a different stimulus so that your training is varied!

  • Achieve Cafe

    After your workout, enjoy a post-workout shake from our cafe! Our shakes are hand crafted based on your needs and are specifically meant to help you refuel and recover in order to enhance your results! 

Our Mission

Make You Feel Comfortable

If you're not comfortable in the gym, you won't go. It's that simple. Our number one mission is to make sure you feel at home, safe, and relaxed when you enter the gym!

Help You Reach Your Goals

We have some of the most qualified, experienced coaches in the world who will write your training programs, help you with your nutrition, and guide you in the direction of your goals!

Improve Your Self-Confidence

The gym isn't just for weight loss or muscle gain. It can also be a way to feel more empowered, more independent, and more confident!


Hear What Achievers Have To Say!

"The amazing thing about Achieve is that it is the perfect gym for anyone at any level. They have created an extremely special community that embraces each member exactly where they are and fully supports them on their journey to better health, improved strength and fitness, or whatever goal they have set for themselves."

"The vibe at Achieve isn't like a typical gym. I never feel uncomfortable or judged. Everyone there is friendly and super supportive of each other. It's a perfect fit for the neighborhood."

"The trainers are so. good. at. their. jobs. I can't stress this enough. These are not people who went and got a cert and now call themselves experts. Lauren and Jason started this gym because they're passionate about making fitness accessible and enjoyable, and everything they do is imbued with that passion. They're both humble despite being very well respected within the fitness community, and they constantly look for ways to learn more and bring back new techniques, which they incorporate into their programming."

"Everyone is super friendly and supportive and it doesn't matter if you're doing body weight squats to a tall box or squatting twice your body weight. This isn't just a judgment free zone - it's a celebrate wherever you're at zone."

"The real thing that sets them apart is they somehow have managed to create an awesome community of other people to work out with. No one judges anyone and everyone supports each other. It's banana pants awesome!"

"It's like cheers for fit people!"