Drop-In Classes

Drop-In Classes

from 20.00

Drop-in classes are for out-of-town guests only!

As a guest, you have the option of purchasing either single drop-in classes, or if you will be spending a longer period of time in the Somerville area and would like to use the gym during your entire visit, you can opt for a 5-class pack. If you purchase a class pack, a punch-card will be created for you and will be kept at the front desk! You can use your drop-ins for classes, or to complete your own workout in an open-gym setting.

We ask that you only attend our kettlebell classes if you already have prior experience using kettlebells. All of our members go through an Intro to Kettlebells session before attending our regularly scheduled KB classes, and therefore it is expected that you know the kettlebell swing and Turkish Get Up beforehand!

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