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We love visitors! If you are visiting the Boston area and want to come in and see what Achieve Fitness is all about, we do have a guest policy in place for you! You are welcome to come in for a class or to do your own workout for a drop in fee of $20!

If you're coming for a class, we ask that you choose either a MetCon or Strength class, unless you have fairly extensive kettlebell experience and have worked with a certified kettlebell instructor before! You can find our class schedule here!

Finally, and most importantly, we ask that anyone who comes in for a class or drop-in workout brings a positive and inclusive attitude along with them! Our community is built upon inclusivity and positive vibes, and we welcome and support one another whole-heartedly, no matter where they are on their own fitness journey!

*If you live within a 10-mile radius of Achieve Fitness, you can visit our membership page to learn more about your options for joining!

Let Us Know You're Coming!

We appreciate when our out of town guests give us a heads up that they'll be taking a class or dropping in for a workout! Let us know when you're going to be in town so we know when to expect your visit!

Message sent, thanks!

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