Our Approach

We came up with the Unify Approach after noticing a trend occurring at the moment, where people are taking extreme measures in attempts to reach their weight loss or muscle gain goals. We are in a society where people want and expect instant gratification, and are taking a “more is better” and “no pain; no gain” approach to get the results they’re looking for. What we’ve realized is that we are sacrificing areas of our health in order to expedite our pursuit of fitness. Unsafe methods like crash diets, ridiculously intense workouts, juice cleanses, and supplements filled with harmful chemicals might get us to our goals quicker in the short term, but at what cost in the long term?

At Achieve Fitness, we have a mission to create a better life experience for as many people as possible. Our vision when we opened the gym was to create a space where the focus was on our members’ overall health, not just weight loss or muscle gain at the expense of other areas such as mental and emotional health or sleep and recovery. We have based what we do at Achieve Fitness around the unification of all aspects of health.

The Unify Approach brings together the four main aspects of your health - your mental state, your ability to move your body, your nutritional habits, and your recovery capabilities. We chose the four words: think, move, fuel, and recover because we think it’s important for this approach to be actionable. We don’t place an emphasis on any one of these steps over another, because they are equally important and intertwined in creating a better overall life experience.

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Think  Beyond the occasional motivational quote or meme, mindset is such an overlooked topic in health and fitness. The reality is that the way we think will govern everything we do. Behind every successful transformation story is a person who has stretched themselves far past their comfort zone, and that capacity takes quite a bit of mental focus and training.

MoveRecently, fitness has become an endeavor that focuses on quantity. Instead of prioritizing quality, it's all about how many calories you burn, or how much weight you can lift, or how quickly you can finish a workout. This often leads to injury, burnout, or some sort of plateau. We want to push people to become much more mindful of the way in which they move - this approach takes more time and effort, but will pay off dividends in the long run.

FuelOur bodies are really the ultimate machines. Just like you would provide a luxury car with top of the line gasoline, we need to provide ourselves with the highest quality food we can if we want to function at a high level. So instead of thinking about what you eat simply as calories, treat it like fuel that'll help you perform your best every day!

RecoverTypically when we think about improving our health we either go on a diet or start working out. The last thing we usually consider is how well our body is recovering from the daily stresses of life! But the idea that we can constantly push our bodies with diet and exercise without ever allowing for rest and recovery is something that is really harming us in the long run. We want to make sure that there is an emphasis put on things like sleep, stress management, and proper supplementation so that we can function as optimally as possible.

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