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$89 Initial Investment; $179/month

Do you love being in a fun, large group environment?

Do you thrive off the energy of those around you?

Are you tired of the same old generic group fitness classes?

Our Essentials program challenges your body in functional and athletic ways in order to keep you motivated and prevent you from plateauing. You’ll sweat and work hard alongside fellow members while having fun in the process! 

*The Essentials membership is not recommended if you have any injuries or limitations


$89 Initial Investment; $299/month

Do you think you'd benefit greatly from having accountability and guidance from a coach?

Do you find yourself unmotivated to go to the gym because you're unsure of what to do when you're there?

Do you want to get the same level of instruction you would in a personal training session, but in a fun small group environment?

Our customized membership is our "all-access" plan and gives you all the tools necessary to be successful on your health and fitness journey! Our customized membership includes:

Individualized workout programs designed specifically for you that change each month.

One semi-private training session with a coach every single week.

Unlimited use of the gym to complete your workout program on your own when you're not with a coach.

Unlimited access to all of our high energy group classes.