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Achieve Summer Internship Program

This program is designed to give you a comprehensive education on how to become the best strength and conditioning professional possible!

During your Internship, you will get over 200 hundred hours of hands on coaching practice, knowledge of how to optimally program for varying goals and skill levels, and real life experience learning how to we create a cohesive and supportive community. The community is what sets Achieve apart from other facilities, and you will learn all of the key components that go into creating and sustaining a solid fitness community.  Students will have weekly group lessons, 1 on 1 coach shadowing, opportunities to coach individuals as well as group classes, in depth programming practice, their own individualized exercise program and coaching, as well as opportunities to participate in any and all Achieve Community events/seminars/ etc.


  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner
  • Be friendly!
  • Ask questions! You are not expected to know all the answers.  Communicate clearly about what you need and what is unclear.
  • Able to attend the minimum amount of internship hours (20hrs/week)
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Exercise related degree not needed

What you will learn:

  • Components to creating and sustaining a supportive, inclusive and fun community
  • Exercise progressions/ regressions, as well as how to best communicate these with members/clients
  • How to efficiently write programs for varying goals and skill levels
  • How to write and conduct group classes


  • Summer- June 3rd- August 9th (1-2 positions)- Deadline to apply is May 15th


  • Fixed Hours (20.5 hours): Mon (12-8:30pm) Wed (6-2pm) Fri (6am-12pm)
  • More hours are available upon request to fulfill school credit requirements


To apply send the follow to sarah@achievefitnessboston.com AND Ted@Achievefitnessboston.com

  • Cover letter and Resume
  • 3 references
  • Link to YouTube Video of 2-3 Minute recording answering 1) why you want this internship 2) explaining a personal connection to fitness 3) why it is an important part of your life.