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One of our core values at Achieve Fitness is to never settle, constantly learn, and embrace possibility. We feel very strongly that continuing education is essential for our coaches, our colleagues, and our members. We offer a variety of educational services and workshops which you will find listed below!

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Somerville, MA 

with Jason and Lauren Pak

Date: December 9th, 2018

Location: Achieve Fitness, Boston, MA

Course Overview: This 1-day course is an evidence-based applied approach introducing the fundamentals of motivational interviewing (MI) to use with clients, patients and athletes in a behavior change context. Course material will provide an overview of current literature demonstrating evidence for the use of MI. Attendees will participate in a highly interactive training program focusing on the application of the foundational approaches and processes of MI. The course is approved for 4 CMPC CE Credits through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology.


Date and Time: August 11th & 12th.

Location: Achieve Fitness, Boston, MA 

Course Overview: This introduction to weightlifting training is open to anyone 17 years of age or older.  The scope and sequence of this course includes the teaching progressions of the Snatch, Clean& Jerk, and all associated movements. Participants will gain knowledge and experience of programming of training for both competitive weightlifters and for athletes using the weightlifting movements for strength and power development as it applies their chosen sport. The course includes theoretical classroom, and practical hands-on portions. Course duration is over 2 days, typically Saturday and Sunday, and lasts approximately 13-14 hours. This course is applicable for Strength & Conditioning/Sports Performance, Health & Fitness and beginning level competitive Weightlifting Coaches.  In compliance with our USOC accreditation, the free online Athlete Development Model training and exam is required to receive your Level 1 Sports Performance Coach Certification.


Date and Time: October 27th, time TBD

Location: Achieve Fitness, Boston, MA

Challenge Overview: The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is a strength competition consisting of three events: a three-attempt powerlifting deadlift, pullups for max reps, and kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period. These three events test a unique trade-off between these abilities, and while larger participants may have an advantage in the deadlift, lighter participants have an advantage in pullups, and the kettlebell snatch tests all participants equally.