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Food Choices

The food you eat matters. This isn’t new information at all. Balancing your diet can be a huge step towards optimizing health, wellbeing, and fitness. Some good news about balancing your diet is that there are many delicious, wholesome, and nutritious foods available! However, once you have a handle on balance the next step towards enhancing your diet may be dialing in food choices to help propel you more efficiently towards your goals!

Calories may be created equal. However, calorie sources are not. Let me explain this idea further. Eating 100 calories of butter versus 100 calories of broccoli are very different experiences. At about 1tbsp volume, 100 calories of butter is a single ambitious bite on top of a baked potato. However, 100 calories of broccoli is just short of 3.5 cups of chopped raw broccoli. That amount of broccoli would take a lot of chewing and even more digesting, and chances are good that you’d be pretty full from the broccoli alone. Even thought they had the same calorie content it would be a very different dietary experience with the broccoli and the butter.

Automatic vs. Conscious Thought: Stop Overthinking and Trust Yourself!

We talk about mindfulness and deliberate practice quite frequently (and for good reason!). When initially learning a movement pattern or rehabbing from injury, precise and methodical thinking can be necessary. And when refining a skill, it is essential to think through the steps in our process, identify development areas, and consciously address technique flaws to move efficiently, safely, and strongly. Getting better at weightlifting or kettlebell skills or similarly complex physical pursuits are often as cognitively demanding and draining as they are physically. Going through the motions mindlessly will not help you improve, and progress will plateau.



There are a lot of mixed opinions and studies done on alcohol. Is it healthy? Is it harmful? Is it a good post workout beverage? Let’s sort through some of these ideas on how alcohol affects your nutrition, your performance, and also your recovery and mindset. I’ll let you in on a hint… the answer to most of the questions are, it depends.