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The Myth of "I only need five hours of sleep."

Posted by Maureen Harris on

Yes, we're talking about sleep again.  It's that important!

Are you one of those people who gets by just fine with five hours of sleep every night? Are you also one of the 90% of drivers who report being “better than average” drivers?

It's tempting to tell ourselves that our sleep habits are just fine the way they are (thank you very much!).  Sleep is boring.  We're not getting ahead on writing the Great American Novel while we're unconscious, nor can we make headway on our ingenious startup idea. Life is too darn exciting to spend our precious, finite hours snoozing! The FOMO is just too great!

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Visualization: Seeing your True Potential Through Mental Imagery

Posted by Sarah Polacco on

Ok who has seen the movie the Santa Claus? Remember the phrase the elves used to help Tim Allen and his son understand Santa Claus and the Magical North Pole? They said “seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing!” This is exactly what visualization is all about! Visualization helps us see our true potential in our mind first so that we can bring them to fruition!
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Pro-Tips About Protein

Posted by Ted Andrews on

Protein, the muscle-building nutrient we all love to talk about, and with good reason. Protein is awesome, and not just for it’s ability to help you build lean muscle and get super strong. Protein’s role in the human body is complex and varied and immense. Proteins are responsible for pretty much all of the functions of the human body. Protein works to make all the reactions that support life happen in a timely, effective fashion to ensure that your body keeps on running at optimal levels! Proteins also provide the structure of the body, comprising everything from bones and muscles to skin and hair. Lastly, protein is responsible when tissue damage occurs, both intentionally (like in weight training) and unintentionally (a scraped knee that must heal).
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Wake up! Spend Energy to Make Energy

Posted by Maureen Harris on

Ever read the Phantom Tollbooth (or see the movie) as a kid?  Remember the scene in which the main characters are eating soup, getting hungrier and hungrier with each bowl?  How can this be?  Well, the magic of fiction, mostly.  But, there is something to this.  Ever had the experience where you're not really hungry, but you have a 15 minute break and you're not going to have another chance to eat for five hours minimum, so you eat?  And 10 minutes later, you're ravenous?  What the heck, right?!

The seemingly paradoxical relationship between eating a small snack and elevating hunger is similar to that between expending energy and diminishing fatigue. Spend energy, become more energetic?  You bet!

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Fitness Info: Who to Follow?

Posted by Sarah Polacco on

Fitness advice is literally every where we turn! There are magazines, podcasts, blogs, TV shows, facebook pages, Instagram feeds, and tons of books all focusing on the topic of fitness and nutrition. Unfortunately, amongst all of this information, there is a plethora of crap. How do you know what is actually reliable, helpful, safe, and productive information? Let’s talk about it. I am going to share with you guys what unproductive and productive information looks like.

Lets first go over what does bad information look like. There are a ton of factors that go into what makes an article, a program, or a post beneficial, productive, or helpful. These are my qualifiers for what bad content looks like.  

Anything that:

  • Prioritizes extreme weight loss results over overall health
  • Over emphasis of the mentality of “Go Hard or Go Home” or “No Pain, No Gain”
  • States how to spot treat fat loss. (This is impossible)
  • Puts very short time limits on goals
  • Makes you feel inadequate, small, weak, or like you need to change who you are
  • States that their way is the only way to lose weight, gain muscle, be attractive, etc.

Before writing this article, I went out and did a little recon to see what magazines had to say in terms of fitness advice. To be honest it has been a long time since I had even looked in the direction of a magazine because they often times spread messages I do not wish to support or promote. Largely, this misinformation and negative standards are geared towards women but are not limited to. These were amongst the titles and article I found:

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