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Roll With It

Foam rollers hurt so good. That three foot foam tube is one of the most commonly used, and beloved, pieces of fitness equipment around. So much so that sometimes people will devote entire gym sessions to purely foam rolling and working out some muscles stiffness. So what’s the magic behind foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and the roller sticks that help alleviate those irksome muscle knots and keep muscles feeling pliable and ready for action? And how can you best utilize these self-myofascial release tools for greater success.

Progress vs. Regress

When does an exercise or movement need to be progressed? Regressed? Altered? Or, in some cases, entirely replaced?

First and foremost, the “progression” or “regression” of an exercise is not always a comment or reflection on the skill or strength of the mover. Occasionally this is the case, but more often than not an exercise may not optimally suit the athlete! An example of this is a barbell back squat for an individual with longer legs and a shorter torso. Without going too deep into the biomechanics of this situation we can simply say that the exercise design does benefit the athlete because their limbs do not jive with the requirements of the movement. The good news is, in the category of leg dominant movements, there are many other options for the long legged athlete, which will provide a more than ideal training opportunity!

Physical Therapy

Pain. What do you know about it? And how do you describe it? I know enough about pain to explain to you the type of pain I feel, and how it affects my daily or recreational activities. So that is how I approach the path to progress; I try to figure out how to move better without that pain! My intrinsic drive to improve movement quality is something that bubbles to the surface because I ask a lot of my body. The manifestation of an inhibited muscle, scar tissue, or whatever the epicenter of my source of pain may be, is something I like to address quickly and effectively. In order to do that, I like to get a second, very professional, set of eyes on my movement patterns.