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Wisdom Wednesday: Maggie X.

Today's Wisdom Wednesday comes from the very inspirational, Maggie! Maggie has been a member of Achieve Fitness for almost two years ago, and she is one of our most consistent members. We wanted to take a moment to ask her how she got her journey started in the first place, and what keeps her motivated to continue working after having such an incredible transformation!

Read below for our questions and Maggie's answers about her journey:

Q: Why did you start your fitness journey? What motivated you?

A: "I was never really happy with the way I looked and never felt “good” about myself. I knew I had to do something about it. It wasn’t until I moved out to Boston and had to cook for myself that I realized that most of my diet consisted of unhealthy carbs, fats, and way too much sugar. I started focusing on merely changing my diet to less processed foods and the numbers on the scale started to drop immediately. I lost a total of 60lbs and the results were rewarding until I hit a plateau. I started becoming discouraged and on top of all that, I fell out of a 9-year relationship. Even after loosing so much weight, I still didn't really feel good about myself and I didn’t want to waste any more time being sad. I knew I couldn’t change the way someone felt about me but I could change the way I felt about myself. That’s basically when I stepped out of my comfort zone, opened my laptop, typed in ‘gym’ on Yelp, and came across Achieve!"

Q: Once you started, what has kept you consistent? How do you stay motivated these days?

A:  After 3 months of working out at Achieve, I did my first weigh-in. I looked down at the scale and noticed I gained 3lbs but went down in body fat percentage. I remember Sarah saying to me “you basically gained 3lbs of muscle!” – I think that was my proudest moment. I realized that the numbers on the scale didn’t matter. I felt stronger and for the first time, I felt good about myself. The result of working out isn’t the only thing that’s kept me motivated. The environment at Achieve has been indescribable (I’d know because I tried to describe it to my friends multiple times and it ended with “you’d have to go there and experience it yourself”). As soon as you walk in, not only do you feel welcomed, but all stereotypes are dropped. No one is ever defined by their age or their size. It’s not a competition against each other. It’s a community of people coming together for a common goal – to be healthy. Every time I come into the gym, I’m always amazed and inspired by the strength of fellow Achievers and that’s ultimately what’s influenced me to continue my fitness journey.


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