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We all have “that” friend. You know “that” friend, the one who you make plans with and then last minute they can’t make it, they’re so sorry but something came up unexpectedly, or they had to take their cat for a vacation because the Vet said he might have some serious cabin fever and if doesn’t get out more often then his hairball problem might intensify. Now, we love that friend, because they’re a lot of fun when they do show up, and they make you laugh and you always have a good time together. You don’t begrudge this friend their flakiness; you’ve come to accept that it’s part of their charm as a matter of fact. However, you’d really enjoy if this friend were around and more reliable because you enjoy their company so much! This is motivation in a nutshell. Motivation is your unreliable, albeit great, friend.

Stop “Shoulding” All Over Yourself!


Back in college I used a life coach to help me get over some of my anxiety issues. This was a sentence that she used over and over and over again and I never forget this sentiment as it can relate to all parts of our life.

As coaches, we see so many people “Shoulding” all over themselves when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  

  • Should I use X product?
  • Should I eat ____?
  • Should I be on [enter new fad diet here] diet?
  • Should I have that goal?
  • Should I be farther along in my progress? 

What Your Blueberry Lemonade Smoothie Can Teach You About Goal Setting

Well Achievers, it happened, over 100 Blueberry Lemonade smoothies were sold in the month of May! We did it!! Chances are quite good that if you were in the gym at the same time as myself within the last month you heard me exuberantly chatting about how my goal was to sell 100 of the smoothie concoction I crafted for May. While it was a fun, and often very silly endeavor and experience, there is actually a lot to be taken about goal setting from this month long experiment!

Goal setting is important. Goals give focus and direction to your fitness, career, relationship, and overall life journey. Goals provide a foundation of why you’re doing what you’re doing and often can serve as motivation to keep pushing when challenges and adversity arise, which they will. At the core of choosing a goal, it helps to have a destination that matters to you.