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Fitness Info: Who to Follow?

Fitness Info: Who to Follow?

Fitness advice is literally every where we turn! There are magazines, podcasts, blogs, TV shows, facebook pages, Instagram feeds, and tons of books all focusing on the topic of fitness and nutrition. Unfortunately, amongst all of this information, there is a plethora of crap. How do you know what is actually reliable, helpful, safe, and productive information? Let’s talk about it. I am going to share with you guys what unproductive and productive information looks like.

Lets first go over what does bad information look like. There are a ton of factors that go into what makes an article, a program, or a post beneficial, productive, or helpful. These are my qualifiers for what bad content looks like.  

Anything that:

  • Prioritizes extreme weight loss results over overall health
  • Over emphasis of the mentality of “Go Hard or Go Home” or “No Pain, No Gain”
  • States how to spot treat fat loss. (This is impossible)
  • Puts very short time limits on goals
  • Makes you feel inadequate, small, weak, or like you need to change who you are
  • States that their way is the only way to lose weight, gain muscle, be attractive, etc.

Before writing this article, I went out and did a little recon to see what magazines had to say in terms of fitness advice. To be honest it has been a long time since I had even looked in the direction of a magazine because they often times spread messages I do not wish to support or promote. Largely, this misinformation and negative standards are geared towards women but are not limited to. These were amongst the titles and article I found:

Many of these titles involved some kind of shaming, offers of quick fixes, and promote the idea that being thinner or skinnier will make you more beautiful or sexier. These messages did not make me so happy, nor did they offer a ton of sound advice that will legitimately offer you real lasting results.

While lots of these article made me unhappy, I will say we are starting, to move in the right direction. I found…

An article of one woman’s journey in how weight lifting has changed her training, her confidence, and her life in general.

A Strength training routine that involved weights over 3-5lbs. Yay Strength training!

A picture of a woman performing a mostly proper KB Swing that also wasn’t a pink 5lb. bell. Yay KBs!

I am super excited to see the positive use of heavy weights, KB, and strength training directed towards women! This is an exciting advancement! This type of information and message was not in magazines a few years ago. We are moving in the right direction everyone! This is awesome! 

Overall though, magazines are generally not the best resource for fitness information; lets instead talk about other resources and specific people and organization that are filled with reputable and solid information.

Since I laid out standards for what bad content looks like. Lets also lay out standard for what good content looks like:

  • Accepting of people for their current state and do not bring shame to individuals for their bodies or their habits
  • Makes you feel excited, strong, courageous, motivated
  • Has scientific and or real life backing
  • Is honest, meaning the people and organizations sharing the info, are not saying one thing and then doing another
  • Helps to break down complicated topics and subjects

Little bit of Everything

Achieve Fitness - Of course I am going to tell you to follow us! We have some awesome things to say! If you are reading this, you are probably already following our blogs but you can follow us other places as well!

Girls Gone Strong – GGS is an organization dedicated to making women feel strong and confident in who they are! They spread the message that women do not need to fit into a specific box to be seen as beautiful and that strong women build each other up, not break each other down. They offer excellent fitness, nutrition, and mindset information.

Tuff Girl – Tuff Girl is a women’s gym in Connecticut owned and run by Christa Doran and an awesome team of strong women. Christa and her team are breaking the mold of what women are told they are traditionally supposed to look like or be or act. They rexpress messages of self love and strength for all women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Their fitness and mindset content is inspiring!

The Fitcast with Kevin Larrabee - Kevin’s podcasts contain hour long conversations with other professionals who offer expert fitness, nutrition, and mindset information. Kevin does an awesome job of making you feel like you are part of the conversation and easily understand topics.


      Precision Nutrition - PN is an organization that focuses on healthy eating and nutrition. PN really dives into what healthy nutrition habits look like as apposed to what you should and should not eat. PN talks about the bigger meaning of food and how we have a very emotional connection to food. Their articles and infographics are extremely digestible (yay puns!) and really help breakdown seemingly complicated nutrition topics.

      Renaissance Periodization - RP uses scientifically backed data to help individuals with performance enhancing nutrition. They use a specific system for cutting, massing and maintaining weight. This type of nutrition is very helpful for athletes or serious gym goers looking to get ahead in their performance. Their system is very much appreciated by individuals who like data, numbers, and tracking. This may not be helpful for individuals who tend to feel obsessive over food.    


        StrongFirst - You have probably heard me and the rest of the Achieve staff talk very highly of Strongfirst. This organization holds very high standards for technique training in kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight. We respect the standards they abide by and like to pass on that same kind of standard with all of our members. They have excellent articles that discuss different training styles, techniques, drills, form standards, and training programs. If you are interested in any of these areas, I would suggest signing up for their newsletter.          

        Kult Fitness - Martine Kerr is a strong first team leader who started the Instagram account, Kult fitness. If you love kettlebells, this is an account you need to follow! Her Instagram has excellent breakdowns, tips and drills, for kettlebell skills.

        Hook Grip – If you love Olympic lifting this Instagram account is super beneficial! Not only do they show international elite athletes performing lifts with crazy heavy weights (already super awesome to watch) but they also slow the video way down so you can really hone in on form and understand how to properly move from one position to the next.  

        • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hookgrip/

        Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning/Movement as Medicine – Mike Boyle has been a staple in the functional training world for years. They continue to show how basic movement patterns (squat, deadlift, push, pull) are all essential in all training programs. Movement as Medicine is a massage therapy clinic within MBSC that also displays proper form of essential movements.

        Juggernaut – This organization is made of a team of individuals from various strength training backgrounds. Their articles and videos discuss training on powerlifting, Olympics lifting, recovery and more.    


        Accumobility - Accumobility discusses all the best ways to work on mobility. They explain the proper use of various mobility tools and give tips on how to deal with certain aches, pains, and tightness.  


          Motivation and overall mindset is an extremely important part of training. Mindset and training go hand in hand; one can get stronger without the other however, they become increasingly stronger when you work on both! These are a few accounts I follow on Instagram and Facebook to keep me motivated, inspired and pushing forward!

          There are tons of other reputable sources out there that can provide information on fitness, nutrition, recover, motivation and so much more. This is only a snapshot into some of the resources we use and love! If you have a question about any articles, videos, posts, or resources you have seen or used on a regular basis, please feel free to ask an achieve staff member about the source and its content. We are always happy to help :) 


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