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For today's Wisdom Wednesday, we asked Achiever Flannery what the term "strength has a greater purpose" means to her. She had some incredibly insightful things to say that we are excited to share with you!

Question: What does the phrase, "strength has a greater purpose" mean to you?

Strength training has helped me realize that I am a strong capable woman not only in a physical sense. I've realized the important implications for my emotional and cognitive strength as well. Of course, I have gained a sense of my capacity to lift heavy things but I am empowered by a growing awareness of my mental toughness and ability to take on daunting challenges. 

Tapping into my sense of capacity in all of these regards makes me better in all facets of my life. When it seems like I may be failing or even just flailing with challenges at home or at work, I can tap into my sense of strength, confidence, and capacity honed at the gym. 

Therefore, I approach my strength and strength training with a sense of gratitude. I'm grateful for every day that I can challenge myself physically. I appreciate feeling sore and relish the exhaustion that comes after a grueling training session. I am thankful that I am physically healthier, more confident, and mentally tough. 

Basically, I'm a badass and I bring that attitude to every aspect of my life.

Question 2: What has been your most exciting moment at Achieve thus far?
1. During the "Hold-It for the Holidays" challenge, I was seriously excited to bring my friends in to workout. Not only was I able to share in solid sweat sesh but they were able to understand the supportive community and serious physical challenges that I love at Achieve.

    2. When I was growing up, I always played on sports teams and I got to compete in championship soccer games and regional track meets. However, the opportunity to work toward a major physical challenge has not been a part of my adult life. Though much of the work preparing for MockFirst (Achieve's advanced kettlebell challenge) was done on an individual level, there was a wonderfully supportive team element to the challenge. I loved checking in with other members about their progress and setbacks, making time to lift side-by-side, and ultimately, cheering each other on during the final event. Now I'm eager to identify other ways that I can replicate this experience.

    Question 3: Any other wisdom you'd like to share?

    I spend SO much time talking with patients about self-care (exercise, sleep hygiene, engaging in pleasurable activities). Insomnia, in particular, is such a prevalent condition that has profound effect on emotional, cognitive, and physical health. If I could send my patients to Achieve 3x/week, I would cut my patient load in half. How many clients do you have at the gym who can't fall asleep at night? I'll bet not many at all.  Sleep is restorative in so many regards. I'm so thankful for the high quality sleep I get because I lead an active lifestyle. I could seriously ramble about sleep for hours.

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