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Traditionally, recovery has been a concept used for high level athletes who practice and train for several hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Some of the modalities for athlete recovery include things like cold plunges in an ice bath, massage therapy work, and active recovery tools such as foam rolling, or jogging on a treadmill submerged in water. These are all great ways to restore your body after it endures a lot of physical stress.

There are other forms of stress, however, such as mental and emotional stress. What we’ve found is that we are all athletes in the sport of life. Most of us work for 40+ hours each week and then rush home in order to perform errands, sort out finances, and figure out a way to optimize spending time with family and friends. We’ve got a lot going on!

All of these different stressors from different areas of your life can really take a toll on how your body functions and performs. Because of this, we need to understand where these stressors are coming from, and figure out ways to mitigate the impact that they have, through proper recovery strategies.

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