To fuel something is to provide power or give strength to the thing that needs fueling. Something that requires fuel will stop working if you either stop fueling it, or you switch out the necessary fuel with a substitute.

Our bodies work the same way. We already understand that if we stop eating altogether, our systems will shut down and we will not survive. What is also known, but less understood, is that certain types of food are going to fuel our bodies in different ways. Everyone should be eating in a way that fuels the lifestyle they want to live, and that’s why we call it FUEL.

Nutrition is a huge factor in leading a healthy lifestyle but often when people join a gym or workout frequently, they think they can get by with a less-than-optimal diet. The idea of just "getting by" is flawed to begin with, since we should all be striving to become highly functioning humans. But the reality is, if you aren't putting a concerted effort into improving your nutritional habits, you will never be able to feel your very best.

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