Proper movement is a skill, and just like any other skill it requires mindful, consistent practice in order to be successful. Yet, all the time, we see people mindlessly plugging away at the treadmill or elliptical for hours on end, or performing strength training exercises with less than optimal form at breakneck speeds. This is because we’ve all been indoctrinated with this “more is better” and “no pain; no gain” type of approach.

At Achieve Fitness, we are always encouraging our members to take a mindful “practice” approach to their workouts. This has resulted in better immediate outcomes, as well as better long-term ramifications.

Once you possess adequate movement quality, then you can start increasing the quantity in small, manageable doses. If you can follow this order, you’ll be able to show proper form and alignment even in highly fatigued states, which will minimize your risk for injury and will make the process for achieving higher levels of fitness that much quicker.

What is The Unify Approach? Learn more and get started with the program. 

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