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The Unify Approach was really one of those things that came up pretty casually one night over dinner. Lauren and I were talking about our #WisdomWednesday series where we feature one of our Achievers each week who shares their insights on what they learned, as well as what has helped them throughout their journey. We then started wondering what made Achieve such a fertile ground for these complete transformations.

We definitely think our continuously evolving training, nutrition, and coaching system has a lot to do with it. We also think that we do a pretty good job of educating and empowering our members on how to go about creating long term, lasting changes to their health and fitness. What we kept coming back to; however, was that by and large our number one ingredient for success has been our members themselves – the community. We facilitate the conversation, but our members amplify our message so much more effectively than we ever could.

We think of our community as the ultimate health and fitness “mastermind." Except that instead of happening once or twice a year, it happens every day. What makes the group so inspiring to be in is the wide variety of people you’ll meet who all have different experience levels with fitness.

At first glance, our members all look so incredibly comfortable and confident within the environment that it might seem like a newcomer would feel intimidated at first. What almost always happens, though, is that the newer member slowly gets assimilated into the group. The veterans share stories of what they’re working on, what they’ve accomplished, what approach worked for them and what hasn’t, etc. When that happens, people get this moment of enlightenment and feeling of safety where it's okay to feel like they’re not as fit as they would like to be. Yet.

That’s the key word - “yet.”

The notion that one’s health and fitness can be determined by a single outcome goal instead of a constant journey of bettering one’s self is the absolute number one reason why people aren’t successful in this aspect of their life. Now, we’re not saying that goals aren’t important, but the PROCESS of getting there is so much more significant.

When people start thinking about their fitness as a life-long process instead of attaching themselves to a short-term, specific outcome like “losing 20 pounds,” it automatically takes the pressure of time off of the table. Suddenly, extreme measures and quick fixes like crash diets, detoxes, cleanses, high intensity workouts 7 days/week, etc. just don’t make any sense. The concept of fitness has deteriorated to the point where people are prioritizing it over their actual health. When they lose that attachment of being “fit” and instead transition to a long-term approach that focuses on their health, what they often find is that their physique goals come about as a by-product of that.

Going back to the topic of community - what we find is that when those walls are broken down, it shifts the conversation from, “I need to get fit before I fit in to this group” to “I fit in this group because I’m in the process of getting fit and becoming the best version of myself”.

Lauren and I then shifted gears to figure out how we can have that moment of enlightenment happen quicker, and how can we facilitate conversation even better and more effectively?

We realized that we had it all wrong before.

People weren’t transforming their lives because they were getting fit, they were getting “fit” because they transformed themselves before that physical manifestation ever even took place.

So, we set out to create a formalized system to transform people using more than just our knowledge of fitness and nutrition. We had to think about what people were doing outside of our facility – how do we make habits stick? We had to think about how to positively affect each and every member’s mindset – how do we shift someone from a fixed or closed mindset to a growth mindset? We had to think about outside stressors – it wasn’t enough to de-stress a few hours a week at the gym; we had to discuss how to deal with and manage stress that occurs 24/7/365.

Things like mindset, nutrition, training, and recovery are all common themes if you’re at all familiar with the industry, but we wanted to make our words more actionable. They’re not just concepts or buzzwords – they are the absolute critical components to your overall health and they are so interwoven that a balanced approach has to be taken in order to create the most optimal result. Think, move, fuel, and recover are the four elements that we want to empower all of our Achievers to start thinking about on a daily basis.

Learn more about getting fit with the Unify Approach, a new, four-part fitness methodology.  

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