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Oh, so you guys are like CrossFit?

Posted by Jason Pak on

We get this question quite often from people that aren't familiar with our gym. We've tried to stay away from this polarizing topic for quite a while now - especially considering the volume of blogs and articles already written on the topic. This post isn't meant to sway anyone's opinion in any direction - we really just want to have a definitive answer to how we are NOT CrossFit, and why we do things differently. That's the key point here, we're not saying CrossFit is good or bad; the way we do things at Achieve Fitness is just different.
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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…and Jacked

Posted by Ted Andrews on

Two of the most powerful tools you have for recovering between training sessions just happen to also be two of the most fun! Relaxation and eating enough food to meet your daily energy needs are important strategies to manage the stressor effects of training and exercising. When employed properly, meeting your calorie needs and getting a little R&R can play a significant role in allowing your body to adapt to training, as well as come back faster so that you are good to go and back to training hard when you want to be. So with these two practices in mind, let’s look at how you can improve your recovery and keep training and growing in the process!
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What Your Blueberry Lemonade Smoothie Can Teach You About Goal Setting

Posted by Ted Andrews on

Well Achievers, it happened, over 100 Blueberry Lemonade smoothies were sold in the month of May! We did it!! Chances are quite good that if you were in the gym at the same time as myself within the last month you heard me exuberantly chatting about how my goal was to sell 100 of the smoothie concoction I crafted for May. While it was a fun, and often very silly endeavor and experience, there is actually a lot to be taken about goal setting from this month long experiment!

Goal setting is important. Goals give focus and direction to your fitness, career, relationship, and overall life journey. Goals provide a foundation of why you’re doing what you’re doing and often can serve as motivation to keep pushing when challenges and adversity arise, which they will. At the core of choosing a goal, it helps to have a destination that matters to you.

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Where is Your Body Today?

Posted by Maureen Harris on

A few years ago, I was taking yoga classes pretty consistently once or twice a week to supplement my running and lifting. The Tuesday morning instructor was everything you hoped and dreamed your yoga teacher would be. She was one of those genuinely wonderful people who radiated joy and warmth and made you feel immediately welcome and at ease. She created a space that invited you in, and she beamed with an energy that you wanted to tuck into your pocket and carry with you for the rest of the day.

One of the things I remember her reinforcing again and again (in addition to encouraging us to make LOUD ujjayi breaths that she could hear from across the room) was to respect where our bodies were on a given day and even at a given time of the day. The class was at 7AM, and most people were still stiff from their slumbers—it wasn’t necessarily the time to force our spines into a full wheel pose. It was heading into the middle of the work week, and most of us were working desk jobs that stiffened our joints and had responsibilities and deadlines that weighed heavily on our minds.

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Do You Even Leviosa? How to tell the Hermione in you to take a break.

Posted by Emily Beinecke on

Here is something we all have in common – we have all had a day or a full week where we simply are not feeling up to snuff. On these days, the thought of doing a single set of dead lifts sounds like the biggest chore since your mom made you sweep the whole house. This feeling can unfold in a number of ways, and may be predetermined by illness, stress, dehydration, or simply an arduous week of lifting high volumes of weight at the gym. Even if you feel like you could be hitting higher weights than last week, you need to ask your body if that is something that you actually should be doing. Another question to ask yourself as a litmus test is, do you feel any hesitation in lifting weights today? Barring any complications from illness, which may require that you simply rest your bones, movement is great for the body. But you need to be discerning in deciding if loading movement patterns with lots of weight is going to be the most beneficial to you today in the scope of your week and workout program. You may actually maximize the gains from your program by taking a day off from your workouts and either resting entirely or treating yourself to a recovery circuit!
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